Faye The Tattooed Psychic - Changing the World One Spirit at a Time

Welcome!  I want to say congratulations on taking a step on your life path to discover a world of endless possibilities.   We all have struggles and obstacles in life that we need to get through in order to feel fulfilled.  We often feel like we are alone in our life obstacles and that no one else will understand us.  We all want this to change, however we are often at a loss on how to deal with  and get through these obstacles and truly get a better understanding of all the power that we actually hold to be the best we can be and live a happy , loving life.  My life struggles and obstacles have allowed me to become an open channel to Spirit which will allow for a connection with Spirit that perhaps you need in your life right now. My mission in working with  you and Spirit is to get you the information that you need to obtain the life you want.  I believe we have the power to control our own lives and really be happy, but sometimes we just need to re-connect with our own power and reclaim it.  I pride myself on being an honest reader and my years of helping clients has shown me the power of Spirit and how people love to discover their own power!   Readings with me are Honest , Powerful and Fun!  I am excited to work with you and show you just how much power you hold! 

I also offer custom Magic Sprays , Work Shops and Group Sessions.

"Faye is the ballsiest, sexiest, most heavy metal grade righteous psychic you will ever want to meet.  At her shows she regularly makes people gasp in recognition as she relays messages from loved one's passed on.  I credit her spiritual advice and insight for helping get my novel published. "
Maureen O'donnell Author of Scar flowers 

 In order to walk this journey called life, 
you must take the first step.